Autumn works as a facilitator, political educator, trainer and consultant in service of movement building and social change. Over the years, she has facilitated with community and movement organizations in a wide variety of fields, including reproductive justice, education, urban planning, food and environmental justice, anti-violence, green entrepreneurship, alternative transportation, radical social change, and independent media. Her focus as a facilitator is community and organizational transformation through the implementation of egalitarian decision-making practices and anti-racist, anti-oppressive analyses. Her motivating principle is that we cannot create sustainable and transformative social change without using transformative models for doing the work. Autumn utilizes a popular education and emergent design methodology in her client work, while also rooting in black, brown, and indigenous traditions and histories.

Autumn’s facilitation work can be accessed through the queer, multiracial cooperative business she co-owns, AORTA. The Anti-Oppression Resource & Training Alliance (AORTA) is a worker-owned cooperative devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. AORTA members work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training, and planning. We base our work on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression. Autumn became an owner in 2017.

For more information about AORTA, and booking Autumn, please visit AORTA’s website.

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"Autumn is one of the most skilled facilitators I've had the pleasure of working with.  She is dynamic and engaging, an excellent listener, and extremely agile in her ability to help groups sit with and move through difficult issues in a way that promotes their dignity, openness, effectiveness, and connection with one another.  She is efficient without being hurried, focused without being controlling, playful without being disrespectful, and professional without being cold.  We've benefited immensely from her wisdom, ability, and support!"

— Danielle Sered, Director, Common Justice

"The combination of fierce and tender teaching that Autumn Brown brings into a classroom is a gift to experience. Her questions and teachings around community and consensus stay in your mind long after the workshops end, and ultimately begin to shift how you do your work. I'm biased, and honored, by my relation to her and my proximity to her brilliance and her humility."

— Adrienne Maree Brown, Author of Emergent Strategy

“I am an absolute fan of your consensus workshops and encourage all sorts of people to do it. You do a great job of breaking down the mechanics of consensus in a way that's simple and straightforward, extremely practical, and highly interactive and fun. You really helped me a great deal to take consensus out of the realm of theory and effectively put it into practice.”

— Omar Freilla, Founder, Green Worker Cooperatives

"Autumn is a masterful facilitator. With wisdom, strength and compassion Autumn helped our collective explore some difficult conversations and to move towards creative resolution. I highly recommend her."

— Brooke Lehman, Founder of The Watershed Center and former collective member of Bluestockings Bookstore

"Autumn Brown inspires participants as a facilitator and  teacher through her confidence, her unique perspectives, and the manner that she genuinely connects with her participants. She's wise, she's funny, and people love to be in her presence.  We've had Autumn collaborate with us with young people and adults and in all cases all participants raved about her. We feel so lucky we've had the opportunity to introduce her to the people we work with because whatever she does she does extremely well, very thoughtfully and in an embracing and comfortable manner. She's exceptional."

— Amy Ellenbogen, Director, Crown Heights Community Mediation Center

"I learned a lot from Autumn Brown's facilitation workshops for Hunter College Urban Planning students.  She teaches facilitation in both word and deed, modeling the process as she presents it.  Her activities and breakout sessions challenged our concepts of participation and public decision-making, and helped us understand the ways power and privilege play out in our field.  I use skills I learned from Autumn in my own work as a planner and an organizer every day."

— Sam Stein, PhD Candidate, CUNY Graduate Center

“I love working with Autumn Brown! Her humor, flexibility, commitment to social justice movement building and years of experience doing this work create an environment that is innovative, creative, full of growth and supports diversity. She notices dynamics that often go unseen and has the capacity to name them in a way that prioritizes mutual liberation and personal growth.”

— Celia Kutz, Director, Training for Change

“Organizing with Autumn is a cherished experience. She's dedicated, supportive, resilient and has a great sense of humor. If you would like to work with someone who listens before she speaks, values your knowledge even under pressure, and will crack you up when you need it the most, Autumn is your person!”

— Adela Nieves, Detroit Project Coordinator, Center for Embodied Pedagogy & Action


“Autumn Brown was engaging, enlightening, and challenged our students to think about the educational experience upon which they were about embark. Some even commented that their “minds were blown even before the first day of school!” Autumn’s presence, energy, experiences and insight really resonated with our first-generation students. She’s definitely someone to consider for many future engagements!”

— Brandyn Woodard, Director of Intercultural & International Student Services, College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

“Autumn, It was amazing to work with you, and it started me on a path of working towards racial justice and I really, really hope I get to work with you again! I learned so much that weekend, it turned out to be pretty life-changing both emotionally and professionally.”

— Shawn Tristan

“Working with Autumn has been an eye opening experience! I have been able to learn about myself and find ways to connect with others while exploring difficult conversations in ways I found difficult in the past. Autumn truly embodies the meaning of a social justice advocate and it is always a breath of fresh air when working with her.”

— Brian Mateo, Bard College

“Peace Autumn! My name is Marly and I was recently in a training session you did for Hunter College Urban Planning students. I just wanted to let you that I really enjoyed you and the training was great! As a Black woman in the planning field who is often grappling with ways to challenge my peers on privilege and racism, your workshop was the first time (believe it or not) that privilege was touched on in relation to planning. Also, I wanted to give thanks to you for bringing your babygirl and nursing her during our training. I'm currently preparing for motherhood and it's so refreshing and inspirational to see examples of women doing the damn thing with baby in tow! Good luck to you in the midwest!”

— Marly Pierrelouis

"One of my goals is to become an ace facilitator, and Autumn Brown (with whom I've participated in several consensus workshops she's co-led) sets a great standard - lively, attentive, fearlessly connecting herself to the group she's leading, helping them fearlessly and articulately connect with each other in an ongoing (sustainable?) way - this is facilitation at its best - what a role model!"

— Jane Schroeder

"I attended Autumn's 'Consensus, Facilitation and Liberation Workshop' and Autumn is the best facilitator I have ever seen. She respects all people and actively listens and offers positive feedback to all participants--no matter how unpopular their opinion. She makes everyone feel as though their contribution is valuable and helpful, and within that context, offers a radical analysis of power and understanding of collective group processes. Autumn is truly a person that can move social movements to a place where everyone feels safe and liberated."

— Laurel Mei Turbin