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White Danger

White Danger: Double-Mindedness, Violence, and the Confusion of Whiteness “I guess I just don’t understand what boundaries are.” I remember the exact location, the light, the positions of our bodies in space, when a white man said these words to me. He had a pattern of violating boundaries and agreements, and would frequently admit those…
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Sheep, Shepherd, Wolf

Sheep, Shepherd, Wolf. Trigger Warning: Includes Graphic descriptions of gun violence. March 3, 2018 We don’t call it active shooter, she says, explaining to her brother how 2nd graders do it differently than 4th graders. We call it sheep, shepherd, wolf. And all the teachers are the shepherds. And the bad guy is the wolf.…
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Resilience is Our Birthrite

January 19th 2017 Beloveds~ Resilience is our birthrite. Resilience is our birthrite and our liberation is bound together. As a teacher of an intersectional politic, and as a believer in the possibility offered to us by our ancestors, I stand today and affirm our survival. I affirm our brilliance. I affirm our resistance. I affirm…
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