Resilience is Our Birthrite

January 19th 2017


Resilience is our birthrite.

Resilience is our birthrite and our liberation is bound together. As a teacher of an intersectional politic, and as a believer in the possibility offered to us by our ancestors, I stand today and affirm our survival.

I affirm our brilliance.
I affirm our resistance.
I affirm our resilience.

And most of all, I affirm that we do know the path to liberation. Because resilience is our birthrite.

We follow that path into darkness with our hands outstretched, believing. We follow it on the march, with our breath and our singing joined together. We follow it as we pull the lessons of the past forward into the future, letting our ancestors teach us, again, to organize. We follow it together because we have common cause, and our cause is the commons.

Today I stand, not with hope, but with certainty. The reason I know that change will come is because I know that it has. I know it in my bones and so do you. Today, and every day, I affirm that I have choice.

I choose liberation.

In resistance~Autumn

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