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September 2012 News - Labor is Meaningful Work

Hello Good People!

On this Labor Day Weekend, when we celebrate our successes and reflect upon the continued struggle for worker's rights, I am delighted to share news of new and meaningful work in my own life. I recently accepted a new position as Executive Director of the Central Minnesota Sustainability Project (www.sustainmn.org).

The Central Minnesota Sustainability Project (CMSP) connects people with land and provides the supplies and knowledge needed to grow healthful, chemical-free foods by co-creating diverse and inclusive community gardens. We put fresh vegetables and fruits into the hands of families who otherwise would not have access to healthy foods.We also provide economic opportunity to immigrants by connecting them with land and local establishments that purchase sustainable produce grown right in Central Minnesota.

As many of you know, the last two years has seen my family transition across the country from New York City to rural Minnesota, and finding my place in this new and sometimes alien community has been a journey. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that all of the skills and knowledge I have gathered over the last five years of consulting with social justice non-profits, collectives, and cooperatives, will be put into critical use right here where I live - Central Minnesota!
You can expect more narrative in future newsletters, but for this month I wanted to keep my own message short and sweet. Read ahead for news of breathtaking food and social justice work happening around the country, and half way across the world in Israel/Palestine!

In this Edition of Iambrown:
  • Autumn in Audio: A Reportback on the Healing Justice Practice Space at the 2012 Allied Media Conference (Everywhere)
  • Interpreting for Social Justice (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Training in Healing and Transformation: A Multicultural Wellness Education Program of Holistic Practices (Milwaukee, WI and Detroit, MI)
  • Catholic Worker Farm Gathering (Dubuque, IA)
  • Heaven's Field Organic Farm (West Bank, Israel/Palestine)
Autumn in Audio: A Reportback on the Healing Justice Practice Space at the 2012 Allied Media Conference

Roots, Runners, and Rhizomes: Health and Healing from the Underground, is a community radio show out of New York's Hudson Valley hosted by Sarah Faulkner and Lauren Giambrone. 

On August 20th, Lauren took the interviewee seat, along with Autumn Brown, to give a report back from this year's Allied Media Conference Healing Justice Practice Space!


Interpreting for Social Justice

2½-Day Workshop, October 5 - 7, 2012
At Waite House, Activists and Organizers Resource Room
2323 13th Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55404

Connection, inclusion and solidarity versus isolation, exclusion and marginalization are all embedded in our ways of communicating. Working effectively across languages in our communities is an anti-oppression process, bridging cultures and languages as equals.  In building the skills of interpreters in our own communities, we own our own means of
communication.  How we communicate should be as important as what we communicate. 

● Train interpreters so that they can empower immigrant communities by providing language accessibility
● Encourage local leadership through social justice interpreting
● Create multilingual spaces where language is used democratically as a tool for movement building from below

Bilingual activists and workers who negotiate languages in their daily lives in community and political spaces interested in learning more about interpreting and translating as a
practice of multilingual social justice work.

Two or more participants using a language required for that language's inclusion.

Interpreter role and ethics -- Use of equipment --  Theoretical and political framework -- Impact of language barriers in social justice movement building  --  How to create a
multilingual space -- Hands-on interpreting by participants

Roberto Tijerina is a queer Latino of immigrant parents whose work focuses  on language justice. He coordinated the Multilingual Capacity Building Program at Highlander Research
and Education Center and coordinated language access for the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit.  He is fluent in English, Spanish and ASL. Waite House  Activist and Organizers
Resource Room Project , a space for community building through the exchange of education and community knowledge The Popular Education Fund at Headwaters for Justice, a fund to
improve the educational work in social movements against oppression and violence and for democracy, sustainability, justice, and peace.

Participants must attend all sessions. This 2½-day workshop begins Friday, Oct 7, 3 pm-8 pm, and continues Saturday, Oct 8, 9 am-5 pm (Lunch included), and Sunday, Oct 9, 9 am- 
5 pm (Lunch included).
Sliding Fee Scale for individuals:     for organizations:
Income:                     Fee                 Budget::                Fee:
Under 15,000              $50                under $100,000/yr   $150
15,000 to 35,000        $100               Over $100,000/yr    $200
35,000 to $45,000      $150
Over $45,000              $200

Fees must be paid by September 28, 2012 or spaces at the workshop will be given to others on the waiting list.Maximum number in the workshop will be 22.

To Register: The week of Sept 4 or after go online to http://www.puc-mn.org/ and follow links.

Fees for this workshop are kept low by support from the Popular Education Fund at Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Training in Healing and Transformation: A Multicultural Wellness Education Program of Holistic Practices

Training in Healing and Transformation is an intensive, hands-on program of holistic wellness practices for individuals and groups who serve and work with marginalized and oppressed communities/peoples. In four 20-hour sessions participants learn techniques of self-empowerment to alleviate the negative effects of stress, pain, trauma and woundedness.  The training incorporates theory and practice in multi-cultural and popular education methodologies.

The program is offered over nine months in four sessions each of which is held from 3 pm to 7 pm on Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday, and from 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday.

The weekends are:

I.      October 19-21, 2012

II.     January 11-13, 2013

III.    March 15-17, 2013

IV.   May 31-June 2, 2013

The first two sessions will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the second two will be in Detroit, Michigan.

Find the brochure attached to this newsletter, and complete the enclosed Application Form and mail by September 15, 2012.

Presented by: Corktown Restorative Justice Center, Detroit Area Restorative Justice Network, Cap Corps Midwest, Core el Centro. In Collaboration withCAPACITAR, Inc.

Catholic Worker Farm Gathering

February 15-18th, 2013 – Dubuque, Iowa

New Hope Catholic Worker Farm is hosting the second ever Catholic Worker Farm gathering (rural and urban). The gathering will begin on Friday evening the 15th and will go until the late afternoon of Monday, the 18th. The physical gathering space will be hosted by St. Joseph’s Key West (no, not Florida!), a Catholic Church on the outskirts of Dubuque, Iowa.  The weekend will include roundtable discussions centered around growing food, hospitality on the land, various ways of doing resistance, spirituality, family life, and much more.  There will also be crafting, healthy food, prayer, music, talent show, etc.

If you are interested in coming, please call  563.556.0987 to give us a sense of how many people to prepare for. If you’re interested in more details, please call the above number.

New Hope CW Farm

6697 Mitchell Mill Rd.

La Motte, IOWA 52054

Heaven's Field Organic Farm

Israelis and Palestinians create a cooperative organic farm in the West Bank, nurturing the land and neighborly relations.

Heavens Field- a farm of cooperation in a sea of conflict.

"The land doesn't belong to us, we belong to the land."

Israel/Palestine often sparks images of violence and conflict but there are also Palestinians and Jews dreaming and realizing a different future. Whatever political  agreements may be reached- we know that our future on this land is together and its upon us to start working within our communities for a better future. Where we make space for each other- Heavens Field is exactly a space like that- a farm where we recognize and embody that this land is ultimately neither of ours;  our design and farming on the land reflects our understanding of each other as long-term neighbors: perma-culture.

We hope that by our working the land together and hosting inter-cultural work and dialogue sessions we will nurture a future of greater understanding- reducing the fear and violence between our peoples. The money we hope to raise here is literally the seed money to take our planning and investment the next step!

What we envision:

Co-run by local Jews and Palestinians, we have spent the past winter working out details, agreements and becoming better friends. We have just harvested the wheat crop on our land, and secured 6 dunam on long term rental for the project. Now it is just the seed money that we need to begin renting this land and dedicating it to our project.

Heavens Field will turn outward - selling our veggies in our local markets - branded for co-existence, supporting local families in need and welcoming volunteers and tourists to this especially holy piece of land.
The land is in a beautiful spring-fed valley between a Palestinian village and Jewish community near Bethlehem. All are welcome here: our community will include an expanding circle of volunteers, and visitors from the region and worldwide.
Heaven's Field Farm gives a physical space to the kind of grass-roots programming we believe in to change violence into understanding. This is one of a number of initiatives our larger communities are doing to increase understanding and cooperation between those perceived as the most natural of enemies. We are partnered with Arabic-Hebrew language learning circles, a joint Israeli Palestinian quarterly journal "Maktub", and other non-politically oriented co-existence work; all projects of our sponsoring network- Eretz Shalom (Land of Peace).
Visit our English Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/177017932397979/ to see some of our activities and conversations, or come visit with us next time you are in the Holy Land.  

We are turning to you - people from around the world,  to make the first season a success. Our budget includes part-time salaries for 2 Palestinian and 2 Israeli staff, land rental, irrigation equipment, tools, and heirloom seeds from both Israeli and Palestinian seed banks. (see below and feel free to contact us for more details).

        Heavens Field Farm is run by everyday people here who are saying enough with the status quo and making an audacious stand within their home communities- to acknowledge and meet the "Other."  Help us get on our feet and carry the message to the many who are waiting for a place like this.

         This project is a unique chance to build an island of cooperation in the heart of the conflict. While the West Bank's notoriety is for the actions of hatred - there is a quiet majority on both sides that wishes to see the end of the violence, and is willing to address the reality that both our peoples belong to this land and it is upon us to find ways to live here now with each other. Our slogan is - Heart of the conflict, heart of the solution.

Other Ways You Can Help

Let people know about our project!

Come visit or tell somebody you know who's coming to Israel/ Palestine about our project- hosting tour groups and volunteers is part of our long-term plan.

And if you know someone who may be interested in supporting our work- foundations or friends, publicists or videographers- we are open to helping this vision become the most productive reality.

Budget Items:

4 part-time salaries, publicity materials, small meeting space structure (hoop house), irrigation equipment, land rental, event budget.

We hope to begin supporting ourselves through the sale of our vegetables after first season and by hosting various groups to the area to meet with local co-operation efforts.

For more information please feel free to contact our English language liason:

Shaul Judelman- organicjew@gmail.com
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