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February Newsletter

 Hello Good People!

I am excited to announce that starting last month, I have the privilege of working with the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP). The NCAVP addresses the pervasive problem of violence committed against and within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and HIV-affected communities. It is a coalition of programs that document and advocate for victims of anti-LGBT and anti-HIV/AIDS violence/harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault, police misconduct and other forms of victimization.

My brilliant friend, esteemed colleague, and fellow momma Carter Klenk and I are facilitating a national strategic conversation for this incredible group of organizers, advocates, and direct service providers. To learn more about the work of the NCAVP and how you can support it, visit www.ncavp.org.

In this Edition of Iambrown:
  • How ILL!: Sickness, Politics, and Self-Determination - February 15th
  • Grassroots Fundraising Conference 2010 - February 19th & 20th
  • Play with Your Food! Regeneracion Childcare Collective Benefit - February 27th
  • R.U.S.T. Radical Urban Sustainability Training - July 10-11, 2010
  • Emergent Thought Magazine, Just Launched!
  • Sustainable Giving at Third Root Community Health Clinic


Rock Dove Presents....How ILL!: Sickness, Politics, and Self-Determination

Monday, February 15th, 7pm
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street, Manhattan

This event features personal narratives about the realities of living with
illness, with a focus on disparities in the health care system, the politics
of access, language and terminology, and empowerment through
self-determination in accessing care. We will be screening Sara Krugman's
film on living with Type I Diabetes, and hearing from the filmmaker, as well
as many others who are contributing their stories. We will also being
distributing a zine with stories, poems, and art related to living with

Presented by the Rock Dove Collective and friends, including Sara Krugman,
Kristin Simpson, Lauren Giambrone and more. The Rock Dove Collective is a
radical community health exchange working to address the need for accessible
and anti-oppressive health care in our communities. We coordinate a network
of health practitioners who provide physical, mental, sexual, emotional, social and spiritual care from
a radical perspective on well-being.

Childcare and Translation will be provided upon request. Please contact Autumn Brown,

Please RSVP to rockdovecollective@riseup.net.

Hope to see you there!!!

Grassroots Fundraising Conference 2010
Friday, February 19 & Saturday, February 20th

Friday 7:00-9:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM


Whether you are part of a small collective, a medium sized local
non-profit or a national organization, now more than ever we all need to
brush up on our grassroots fundraising strategies. Please join us for two
exciting days of discussion, workshops and skill shares as the Brecht
Forum presents its second annual Grassroots Fundraising Conference!

In the social justice world, the reach of our work is often limited
because we do not take fundraising, and money in general, seriously
enough. To wage campaigns, to provide volunteers with food, to pay staff
people, to rent offices, to build user-friendly websites, all of this
takes money as well as other resources. In the past several years more and
more organizations have been feeling the need to move away from sole
reliance on foundation funding and towards a 'diverse' strategy of
generating revenue.

The question of grassroots fundraising, and how to reach our projected
budgets in 2010, takes on an additional dimension as we find ourselves in
the middle of an economic recession and possibly a larger global
depression. Many organizations will either not survive or will need to cut
back on their expenses in a major way. At the same time, our work has
never been more important. More people are questioning the underlying
principles of neoliberalism, corporate globalization and capitalism
itself. People will be open to our ideas but only if our ideas are able to
reach them.

Please come to the Brecht Forum's second annual Grassroots Fundraising
Conference and share ideas and learn from others as we all navigate these
unchartered waters together. Whether your part of a small local collective
with no staff, or your part of an established left non-profit, this
conference will build your fundraising skills, expand your imagination in
terms of fundraising possibilities and allow you to meet other individuals
and organizations who are struggling through the same things that you are.

Initial list of speakers will include: Priscilla Hung, Executive Director
at the Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT:
www.grassrootsfundraising.org, Mario Lugay, Program Director at the
Funders' Committee for Civic Participation (FCCP), Yasmeen Perez the
Leadership Development Director at FIERCE, Alexandra Lopez Reitzes the
founder of Rise Up Baking, a Pastelería For The People, and co-founder of
The Kitchen Table, an unschooling collective and Max Uhlenbeck, the
Development Coordinator at The Brecht Forum.

Many more speakers TBA!

Sliding scale: $20-$50
Free for Brecht Forum Subscribers

********Register Today*********

Play with Your Food! 
Saturday February 27th, 7 PM  
hosted by the Regeneracion Childcare Collective

We will be scheming, sculpting and getting messy with colorful delectables to raise money for our upcoming participation in the U.S. Social Forum this June in Detroit.  

 Lefferts Place, BK
A/C to Clinton/Washington

RSVP is encouraged.

Regeneración Childcare NYC participates in child-raising as a form of resistance that builds radical communities and relationships. We provide childcare at organizational meetings, events, and in collaboration with community based childcare collectives and cooperatives. Our partner organizations are those whose visions inspire us.


R.U.S.T. – The Radical Urban Sustainability Training


The next offering of the Radical Urban Sustainability Training will be on the weekend of July 10-11, 2010.  The course will be taught by Scott Kellogg, author of "Toolbox for Sustainable City Living" and Lauren Ross, and will take place at the Albany Free School in Albany, New York. All the course information, including content and registration details, can be found at www.radixcenter.org/workshops/rust   

About R.U.S.T

RUST – The Radical Urban Sustainability Training -  is an intensive weekend workshop of skills for building ecologically resilient communities in today’s cities.  In this class, sustainability experts Scott Kellogg and Lauren Ross gives attendees a “toolbox” of techniques and knowledge usable by anyone wanting to create sustainable systems in their own communities. Through a combination of group hands-on activities and lectures, participants will learn how to build infrastructure for self-reliance by utilizing salvaged and recycled materials.  These systems can be applied in either urban or rural environments, and in many cases can be put to use in even an apartment spaces.

Special emphasis in the class is put on the interrelatedness of sustainability and struggles for social justice. The many innovative sustainability features on display in the Albany Free School neighborhood will be used as teaching tools.

Typical topics & hands-on demos

  • Low-tech bioremediation (cleaning contaminated soils using plants, fungi and bacteria)
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Aquaculture: ponds, plants, fish, algae
  • Constructed wetlands/greywater
  • Autonomous technologies:wind turbines & passive solar
  • Worm composting and soldier flies
  • Raised bed gardening and soil alchemy
  • City chickens and micro-livestock
  • Struggles for land and gentrification
  • Brownfield restoration
  • Biofuels: methane digesters, wood gas and veggie oil vehicles
  • Mycoscaping:edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation
  • Energy depletion and climate justice
  • Sustainable and efficient wood burning

If you have any questions, please email Scott Kellogg at sk@radixcenter.org

Emergent Thought Magazine

Emergent Though Magazine is a new magazine for young people who want to share unconventional, radical perspectives on social-environmental issues. The inaugural January/February issue is up and running and the organizers are already accepting new submissions for the March/April issue. Check it out at www.emergentthought.com

Sustainable Giving at Third Root Community Health Clinic

One of the most sustainable ways for many social justice organizations to be supported is by monthly donations, called sustainerships. This allows organizations to rely on a certain amount of income to build programs each month, and allows you to make a sizable donation over the course of a year at a sustainable rate. Third Root is excited to be launching their own new Sustainer Program, and their goal is to have 
 20 sustainers by the end of the year. They have sustainers at: 
  • $5/month,
  • $20/month, and even 
  • $250 per month, so any amount helps! 

Support Third Root, invest in community health, and become a Community Health Sustainer!  Email jacoby@thirdroot.org today!


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