October 2014 News: Whole Access

Hello Good People~

It is wonderful to be writing to you, and on such an auspicious occasion. I am excited to announce that I have officially learned to use Twitter!!

OK, so that's not really the reason I am writing, but it feels like a really big deal. The REAL reason I am writing is this: through my work with the Central MN Sustainability Project, I am launching an exciting new program that I want to share with you. I want you to show your love for Whole Access!!


Whole Access is an ambitious new project intended to support all Central MN farmer's markets in becoming EBT - accessible. This means that anyone in our region who uses SNAP Benefits (popularly known as Food Stamps) will be able to use their benefits to purchase health, fresh food at the market nearest to them.

This work is innovative for a couple of reasons:1) it means that we are diversifying who gets to sit at the "local foods table" which has historically been a very elite space; and 2) it means we are creating additional income streams for struggling small, sustainable farmers. This is a model that is replicable across the country.

In order to get this work off the ground, we at the Central MN Sustainability Project need help and support from like-minded activists and advocates around the country, and so we launched our first ever crowd-funding campaign through Indiegogo. We have already raised over $1000, and our goal is $5000! We have some gorgeous hand-made perks for donors at every level, and if you make a gift, we will send you an awesome perk with a handwritten and lip-kissed thank you note no matter how far away you are.

Please consider watching our inspiring film (featuring yours truly, as well as a heavy-hitter of the food justice movement, LaDonna Redmond!) and making a gift of any size. We have 19 days left!

Thanks for all of your love, support, and encouragement over the years. Without each of you, I would not be where I am today, doing the work I love. Sending warmth and gratitude to all of you... 

Be well~Autumn