Fee Philosophy

Fees and Compensation: I work in the Gift Economy, which means that I do not have set fees for my work. To learn more about how this works, visit my Fees and Compensation page.

Facilitation and Organizational Development

To "facilitate" is defined as: "to make easier, to assist the progress of" a person or group. Facilitation is increasingly recognized as a valuable and necessary piece of organizational growth and it is a practice with multiple applications. Is your group in need of a facilitated decision-making process? Are you looking to develop a strategic plan, a new resource or to implement a program? Good facilitation can turn chaos into dialogue, and leverage conflict towards group consensus. And it can all be done with spontaneity, style, and passion. I am available as a Facilitator for short and long-term projects, retreats and trainings. As a part of my Facilitation Services, I:

  • Use Rank Awareness* in order to identify, understand, and leverage conflict within a group to move the process forward.
  • Clarify the purpose, scope, and goals of the work.
  • Employ a variety of hands-on, participatory group facilitation and dialogue tools.
  • Identify growing edges in groups where these tools are most useful.
  • Keep a group on track in order to realize its goals in the time allotted.
  • Restate and synthesize individual contributions to effectively track the conversation.
  • Identify areas of agreement and help a group to discover solutions in areas of disagreement.
  • Identify unspoken or underlying questions which may be troubling a group.
  • Create space for the traditionally silenced and marginalized to be heard.
  • Ensure that the group process ends with a strategy for implementing the decision, not simply the decision itself.

*It is my firm belief that all individuals have rank of some kind, whether or not it is visible to themselves or others. It is often unacknowledged rank which creates tension and conflict in group settings. My goal when facilitating is to acknowledge tension and conflict, and attempt to utilize this very important, energetic fuel as a key to both finding common ground and creating strong, recognizable consensus in a group.
I have facilitated with organizations in a wide variety of fields, including education, urban planning, food justice, environmental justice, anti-violence, green entrepreneurship, alternative transportation, radical social justice, and independent media. My focus as a facilitator is organizational transformation through the implementation of egalitarian decision-making practices and anti-racist, anti-oppression analyses. My motivating principle is that we cannot create sustainable and transformative social change without using transformative models for doing the work.
If you are interested in booking me or exploring the possibility, contact me at autumn@iambrown.org, or send a message through the contact form on this website.